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WHAT IS Oceanic Conquer?

What makes our Server special ?

Australia Host! Great ping for all locations

Exact damage calculations

Level 130 max, 1st reborn only, and +9 items max

New events being added each week!

Exact rates for items, drops, sockets, mining, etc.

Proper stacking using guards/ghosts

Monsters run and act like a TQ server.

Fully functional Discord integration for notifications

Cosmetics / New items added in-game

Constantly being updated

Professional team of developers, friendly GM's

What makes our Client special ?

    Fullsreen compatibility for upto 1920x1080 displays.

    High FPS available (Settings.exe)

    SHOULD not be detected by most antivirus.

    In-Built server-sided anti-cheat system.

    High quality graphics and maps.

    Layout modified for fullscreen and also window mode.